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Teaching Global English


Teaching Global English

Without any doubt, as time goes by more and more people are striving to learn English.

They need English for their work, migration, admission to the university, traveling and most important of all surfing the internet.

The question is with this diversity of cultures how can we teach English to non-native speakers?

The English language is full of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions. Expressions such as, “let me sleep on it” or “we had blast in the USA”.

The other factor is the variety of English Languages which are spoken these days across the globe.

The emergence of languages such as Spanglish or Hinglish is new phenomenon which should be considered seriously.

So many linguists are faced with this question of what is the concept of global English or in other words International English.

Here the challenge is pronunciations, intonation and word stress.

A few essential points

In light of globalization affecting all fields of our life in case of English teaching the following issues are essential:

  • Proficiency of English teachers.
  • In-depth Knowledge of standard English grammar
  • The use of new technologies
  • The crucial nature of dialog in the process of teaching
  • The significance of comprehensive reading and listening

Obviously, a joint effort is needed to meet these new challenges.

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