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Financial Procedure

  • Browsing the Tutors profiles
  • Choosing the tutor
  • Clicking on the booking tab of the tutor

Note: student has no communication with the tutor up to now

  • The student will be offered a low paid.
  • The trial class is free for a 30 min class.
  • After the payment for the trial class to the PayPal account of the site, a notification is sent to tutors email about the time of the trial class.
  • The student will book the class according to the availability table offered by the tutor.
  • In the notification to the tutor, the time of the trial class will be mentioned.
  • With this notification, the contact ID of the student is given to the tutor.
  • The tutor will conduct the trial lesson with the student.
  • If the student decides to continue the course, he or she will buy a lesson package according to the pricing of the courses.
  • The payment will be made to the site by the student.
  • The site will inform the tutor that the lesson package has been bought so that the tutor can start the course.
  • The Tutor after conducting a lesson will send a lesson report to the site. This would be the confirmation of the lesson. In this report, the tutor will give a report of the class which will be saved in the student’s profile. The student would be able to refer to this profile.
  • The student will confirm the class report sent by the tutor. After the confirmation of the student, this would be registered in the financial profile of the tutor as a lesson done.
  • The site using a CRM software will keep a record of the tutor’s classes.
  • Payment to tutor will be made on 28 of each month through PayPal.
  • The price of each course will be listed in the pricing tab on the site.
  • 20% of the rate allocated to the student will be the site’s profit, the rest will be paid to the tutor.

For example: if the rate of the tutor is mentioned 20$ per 60 min class, the fee paid to the tutor will be: 16$